Posted on Mar 30, 2022
In addition to the myriad service projects our club members participate in every month, Plano West Rotary Club (PWRC) holds a few fundraising projects throughout the year. Funds raised in the past have helped benefit charitable efforts in our community, such as awarding local student scholarships and supporting nonprofit organizations.
On March 26, PWRC sold funnel cakes at the first Texas Forever Fest as a club fundraiser. Texas Forever Fest was organized by the City of Plano and held in Downtown Plano’s Haggard Park. The sheer joy of being at a large gathering after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic was written on the smiling faces of nearly every attendee.
Our club has cooked and sold funnel cakes at the annual Plano Balloon Festival for many years, so we already had the equipment and expertise to get the job done. PWRC was lucky to have Rotarians Mike Walker and Fred Bemenderfer step up to lead this year’s efforts, as both were instrumental to the success of funnel cake sales in the past.
Mike and Fred made sure that the existing supplies — including the large deep-fryer — in our club’s storage area were transported to the festival grounds. They also purchased newer necessary items and set up the vendor booth. On the day of the festival, nine additional volunteers joined in to help make the event a success.
Rotarians Jo’anna Snowden, Jennifer Shertzer, Katherine Goodwin, Isabel Ann Segovia and John Stafford helped mix batter, make funnel cakes in the deep-fryer, add powdered sugar and cinnamon, serve guests, and accept cash and credit card payments. PWRC was happy to have community volunteers Thomas, Indra, Adrienne and Velavan serve with us at the morning shift. At the end of the day, several volunteers broke down the tent and loaded everything back into storage.
Incoming PWRC President Joy Hinkelman said to our volunteers, “Individually, each of you are amazing. Together we are a truly unstoppable force! It is my honor to be involved with such an awesome group of giving souls.”
The event made a considerable profit, and was considered a win for our club. Way to go, Plano West Rotary!
Rotarians and non-Rotarians are always invited to serve with us at a future project. Sign up here.