Plano West Rotary Club meeting of 26Nov2013,

With a quorum of 10 members needed and a member count of 16, we had our officers election for the Rotary year 2014-2015. With so many qualified members in our club we are pleased to announce the officers for the next Rotary year as; President, Glen Thornton – President-Elect, Daniel Long – Secretary, Don Mellor & Treasurer, Ryan Yowell. We are also happy to have as the chairperson for the Benevolence community, Helen Macey and first member Lisa Leach. We did also have some write-ins and a member of the Executive Board will be talking to you about one of the many positions within the club, as we need for everyone to work to keep the Plano West Rotary Club the great club that it is and has been for many years.

Please remember the Holidays, be safe and have a great time with your love ones.

Please sale PECANS and let Vincent or me know if you need more.

Please check your emails this week, as I will be sending out a copy of what the Board of Directors has approved as a new Plano West Rotary Club, By-laws. Please remember that our by-laws are a work in progress and as time and the club makes any changes so will our by-laws. We will vote on the new by-laws at the next club meeting on 3Dec2013.  Vote per By-laws on file as of July 1995.  PLEASE like us on our Face Book page.