Did you know??... 
Little known facts and tidbits about our Club.   
For example:   
Did you know... that we are coming up on our 35th anniversary?  Yes, Jan 29th, will be 35 years since Plano West Rotary was chartered.
  • Did you know?...
  • Plano West Rotary Club chartered on Jan 29th, 1980?
  • Tom Posey, still an active member of our club, started PWRC?
  • PWRC was the second club in Plano? 
  • That our first meetings were held in a cafeteria that is now where Scotty P's is, at Parker and Custer.   
    • ​After that we met at a place called the Plano Steakhouse at Parker / Independence
    • Then we were in a meeting room in Collin Creek Mall
    • Then we went to the Harvey Hotel
    • Finally, we moved to Greek Isles
  • that past DG Bud McBrayer designed our club flag?
  • Congressman Sam Johnson was a member, and is still an honorary member of our club.
  • PWRC donated $25k for the new Plano Children's Medical Clinic?  (the first club to donate)
  • that we were one of the first clubs to get wheelchairs into Sudan?
  • That our club bought a passenger van for what is now called the Wellness Center for Older Adults.
  • That we actually had a meeting on 9/11.  It was on a Tuesday, and we had a meeting?
  • That one time we sponsored a bungy jumping event?
  • That we have also sponsored a Chili cookoff?
  • ​That we once held a "ROCK ON" concert at Clark Field, featuring several "one hit wonders" of Rock?
  • That we've given hundreds of thousands of dollars back to our community?
  • And we're just getting started.....
  • Here's to the next 35 years!