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ShelterBox Response Teams delivering aid in the Philippines following major typhoon

November 14, 2013
With the help of our supporters, including Rotarians, clubs and districts, we are working to immediately assist more than 4,000 families affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan. This typhoon was the biggest storm to ever reach landfall, destroying buildings, wiping out villages, and has reportedly caused thousands of fatalities.  

Our response teams were on the ground during the storm and began conducting assessments immediately following its passing.  Thankfully, we had emergency supplies prepositioned in the Philippines that were utilized immediately. But now, more are needed. 

Recently, warehouse volunteers rallied to our international headquarters to pack ShelterBoxes and prepare other supplies that will be sent immediately to help families displaced by the storm.

"Every day that goes past, we realize more and more the real significance of this disaster and the areas of devastation are becoming more and more apparent," said ShelterBox Response Team volunteer, Mark Curnow.
Rotarians ... are serving on our ShelterBox Response Team on the ground.  ShelterBox could not carry out this important work around the globe without the support of its donors.  Watch this video to learn more about our response.