Thanks to Plano West AND our honorary members, the Wellness Center for Older Adults!
Together, we made a total of 44 lunches, and had a few extra cuties & waters that we also left with Streetside Showers. Some of our clients were there at 11:00am and thanked us for the food, as well as the Streetside Showers staff. I didn't collect detailed statistics on the supplies, but I think we donated a little bit of everything on their list.  You can see their newly donated shower trailer in the background!
If you would like to know more about Streetside Showers and their mission to provide FREE showers (and lunches) to those without permanent homes, see their website:

Also, thanks again to those who also donated adult briefs to the Wellness Center for Older Adults! There are very appreciative of our donations, and 4 of their employees donated most of the sandwiches as well as other lunch items for this project, as well.
For more information on this organization that Plano West supports, please see their website and the many services they offer!