Posted on Dec 17, 2021
This November, Plano West Rotary Club (PWRC) members joined Rotarians from Plano East Rotary Club in a meaningful tribute to our past and present members of the U.S. military.
Since 2017 Plano East Rotary Club has produced the Plano Flags of Honor, a weeklong display of 1,000 American flags during the Veterans Day holiday. Local residents can choose to sponsor a flag, and attach the name and information of a loved one who has served our country.
Producing the event is a monumental task, and on Nov. 14 our club sent volunteers to the display at Oak Point Park to help close down the event by taking the flags out of the ground, rolling them up and categorizing them for proper storage until next year’s event. It was also a chance for Rotarians from different clubs to serve alongside one another.
That afternoon our club’s 28 volunteers served 40 total hours. Rotarians from Plano West Rotary Club in attendance were project leader Kayla Stovall as well as Fred Bemenderfer, Erika Gebhardt, Jamie Jackson, Laura Johnson, Jo'anna Snowden and Cristina Todd.
The Plano Flags of Honor event has grown to be a beloved tribute that Planoites look forward to every year. By supporting this project, PWRC reinforces two Rotary areas of focus, promoting peace and supporting education. We are helping to honor our military peacekeepers while ensuring that the public understands the sacrifice these individuals have made.
“It provided a beautiful landmark to honor and celebrate veterans that have served this country,” said PWRC’s project leader Kayla Stovall.
Locals are always invited to serve alongside Plano West Rotary Club. Find a project here that best suits your interests.