Posted on Sep 17, 2021
For many years, Plano West Rotary Club (PWRC) member Chuck Spence has allowed our club to use his Downtown Plano property as storage space, free of rent. We store our funnel cakes trailer and supplies there, as well as utilize the property for occasional service projects, such as the organizing the shoes donated for the shoe drives.
Club member Glen Thornton noticed that some minor repairs were needed at the property, so he gathered fellow Rotarians Mike Walker and Christina Todd to help tackle the problem. On a Saturday morning, the volunteers spent a total of 4.5 hours repairing a broken gate leading into Chuck’s property, as well as cutting up and moving fallen tree limbs.
This donated storage space saves the club an estimated $2,000 on rent per year. This impromptu service project is just one small way our club can repay Chuck for his generosity, as well as protect our environment, which is one of Rotary’s Areas of Focus. The clean-up and repairs also allow our club to efficiently continue our shoe drive project and get ready for future funnel cake needs.
“He’s one of the many unsung heroes of the club,” PWRC President Alex Johnson said of Chuck, who has provided this service behind the scenes for years with no desire for any type of recognition. “It’s a perfect example of Service Above Self,” said Alex.
Once again, members of Plano West Rotary Club demonstrate that we are all in this together.