What a great effort by everyone to support our elite group of Plano Fire & Rescue employees who serve our community with courage...every day!  We appreciate YOU!
We had 32 volunteers and 29 volunteer hours along with $1350 cash donations, plus in-kind donations near $3,000, all provided to support our 130+ Fire & Rescue employees with a fabulous lunch from Greek Isles Grille - Plano for everyone, plus a gift basket of goodies for all 14 locations!
We were all so devoted to providing these items, and keeping those lunches hot, that we forgot to take many pictures. :(
But, rest assured, everyone gave it their best!
Here is a close-up of the gift baskets with homemade fireman cookies :), hand-warmers, pain cream, breakfast/snack bars, gatorades, snack size candy bars and an appreciation note.  And, the only picture (LOL) we have of volunteers  loading up Greek Isles lunches to deliver.
Thanks everyone!!